A Busy Day

After an early breakfast of hash browns and coffee, we up-ed anchor and headed across Elizabeth Harbour to the town side. The wind iwas over 25 knots today and the harbour had large, lumpy 4 foot swells out in the middle.

We dropped the hook off of the town dock and took the remaing dirty laundry as well as an empty water jug, and our trash into town. Maggie wanted to go, but thought better of it when she saw how rough it was going to be coming in with the dinghy.

With the trash disposed of, the water jug filled and the laundry spinning merrily on its own, we hiked just south of the docks to the Exuma Cyber Cafe. They had DSL internet access for reasonable prices and they also seem to run some kind of gambling establishment at the same time, but I had trouble figuring out what it was they were actually betting on.

Anyhow, with email checked, we returned to the drying laundry and then retired to the grocery store for more fresh veggies and other insundry dry goods before risking life and limb to get back out to the mother ship.

We unloaded our groceries and rthen motored back to the east side of the harbour. This time we choose to anchor right of VolleyBall Beach in about 8 feet of water. There is more protection from the waves in here and it puts us within 100 feet of the volleyball courts.

In the afternoon, I went in to play volleyball and Amy met me around 5 at Chat and Chill for a burger and a beer. Afterwards, it was Scrabble in the saloon and then books in bed.

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