Bubba Gump Shrimp

We went in to town early this morning to beat the rush at the water dock. I loaded 50 gallons of water into the dinghy while Amy procured vegetables. Back on the boat, we filled up the water tank and stowed the green things in the fridge before upping anchor and heading back over to Volleyball Beach.

We anchored the boat in 6 feet of water and had a late breakfast of barbecued shrimp. We will be eating shrimp for the next several meals as I brought back too much and cannot fit it all in our freezer. George at Saint Francis was kind enough to let us put 10 pounds of the shrimps in his big walk in freezer at the restaurant in the interim. He's only charging one shrimp a day in storage fees.

In the afternoon, Amy and I took Mila into visit Arlene at the Chat and Chill. There were only a couple of people in the place, so Mila got to run around on the bar and play in the ice chest. By the way, the rumors of there being weasel hair in the rum drinks for the rest of the day were completely false I assure you.

Back on the boat, I started sewing a new sun shade for the fore deck. We're trying to deflect some of the sun in an effort to reduce the heat build up inside the main cabin during the heat of the day. I only got half way done before happy hour and then poker, so I'll probably be sewing again tomorrow.

Thursday night poker brought 15 players out for a two table event. Several guys from the Army base showed up to help round out the field. I wasn't on my A game, but still managed to finish third. Amy didn't fair as well and she says I'm not allowed to tell you where she finished.

We were back on the boat by 10 pm and to bed 3 minutes later.

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