Weasel's Whiskey

Life continues here at the Buddy Fred's.Yesterday I hauled Amy up the mast to replace my two lead lines for the stack pack. Today I attached them to my newly elongated (+1 foot) stack pack cover and now hopefully we will be rid of the main sail chafing problems we've had last two years.

The jellyfish have shown up en mass and now I wage the daily battle of trying to keep them out of the raw water filter for the air conditioner. My latest attempt at thwarting their evil tentacles involves an old spear, some no-see-um netting and $4 worth of PVC pieces and parts. So far so good, but the treachery of slime (jelly fish) knows no limits and so we shall remain vigilant.

I finally deployed a single crab whacker off the dock and this morning when I checked, there were 14 crabs packed inside. After throwing back the girls and two juvenile males, we were left with 8 keepers and they will be joining us for dinner tonight.

Our new ferret housing project is almost complete. The final piece arrived today via USPS and we plan on moving them in the morning. Mostly the weasels were ambivalent about the whole process and they showed more interest in the product packaging then in the actual containment mechanism. Hmmm.

I also put the final tensioning on our newly replaced life lines. I used a high tech rope that was stretched and then baked for 12 hours. It's supposed to be stronger than steel, but our decks are so high that the life lines really only come up to about the top of your ankles and they are pretty much useless as hand holding devices.

Next week Team Dream Catcher takes their show on the road to New York City where we will close out the granny apartment before returning to the mother ship to continue our summer.

PS - The attached photo is proof positive that it is not safe to come between a weasel and his whiskey.

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I sense a hoax....this weasel always looks like this...personally I think hes doing a song....in any case..good luck and good winds....and a question..whats you guys favorite rum?..and rum drinks....share if you will......

Time for AA?  :-0

...I think the young jedi has learned well at his master's knee.....there is no try...there is only do, or do not...priorities...and protect the beer ( or whiskey) at all costs......

How do you handle Jellyfish when you're trying to pre-wash your dishes. Their stingers are still working when they come through, right?

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