This morning we upped anchor and took the tide up and over the rocky bar that protects the anchorage behind February Point. Once into clear water we set our mainsail and sailed westward, up the harbour. With only one sail, our speed was a whopping 3 knots, but I used the opportunity to deploy a single fish whacker; cause you never know.

An hour and 30 minutes later, we were up above Conch Cut and I anchored the boat and dove overboard to check two lobster holes that I know from years past. The first was devoid of life, but the second had not one, but two ( ha ha ha - The Count from Sesame Street) bugs living in it.

I surveyed the situation from the surface for a couple of minutes and then called in an air strike. I dove back down and shot the fellow nearest the entrance to the cave in the head. I pulled him out and then reached in with my dive glove encased hand and grabbed lobster number 2 by the head.

He seemed pretty pissed and started thrashing about, but this little spiny whiskers got stuck to my glove sort of like velcro and I was able to return to the surface without him escaping. It was sort of like lobster stick-um. Cool.

I handed up the dead guy to Amy and just sort of climbed back aboard with the second bug still stuck to my glove. Closer inspection revealed that bug #2 was a female and that she was in fact pregnant. Damn it!

We have a "no harm to pregnant animal" policy on board Dream Catcher and as such, I had to grant her freedom, which totally pissed me off. What about no sex discrimination?

Actually, I was really shocked to see her with all of her eggs at this time of year. The lobsters are protected for three months every year which is supposed to be their breeding season and that protection ended August 1. Obviously this lady bug (ha ha) either didn't get the memo or she was one of those entitlement centric,  harpy crustaceans who breeds like rabbits regardless of what she may be doing to the lobster socio-economic dynamic.

I suspect my dad will blame Obama-Care. Just kidding dad.

After fishing, we upped anchor and sailed back down to Hamburger Beach and anchored in our usual spot just off the Queen's dock in five feet of water. George (St. Francis) called shortly after to see if we were up for playing poker and so at 5 pm, we headed in to meet up with the usual suspects. The game turned into a 14 person, 2 table affair and when the smoke cleared Amy came home in fourth and me in third. Not great, but respectable.

After cards, we hung out with George, Gillian and Greg until almost 1 am before returning home and calling it a night. See you tomorrow. End of line ....

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Democratic Bastards!!!

Pretty funny. I bet she was on coral stamps as well.....

your-sister-the-old-one 11/30/2012 7:08:01 PM

...coral stamps...hilarious!!!!!

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