Another Day in the Life

And so in keeping with my new promise of more frequent updates, I give you a day in the life:

I was up at 4:45 thanks to MadibaWeasel trying to climb inside my cut off sweat pants shorts that I sleep in. Nothing says love like wet-sand paper tongue weasel before sunrise.

She and I vacated the bed before she could bite Amy and headed over to the other hull for a glass of tea for me and a bite of ham for her.

She spent the better part of fifteen minutes attacking her ham and during that time I powered up my internet array and downloaded the daily news.

Properly caffeinated, I caught up on the world events while Madiba went to sleep in my shirt.

Around 6:15 or so, I powered down the wifi devices and turned on our SSB. The single side band receiver is very, very sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation and for good performance, I have learned that it is best to depower the entire 12 volt side of the boat. Of course it goes without saying that the AC 120 volt side must be off too, but this is it's normal state on our boat and so it usually isn't an issue.

The weather dude was 10 minutes late, but he finally started the weather briefing at 6:40. As I have countless times over the last decade, I duly recorded his forecast for our current area and then turned off the SSB and re-engaged the 12 volt DC system. 

Sattva and BodhiWeasel showed up and all three weasels lobbied for FerretTone, which is basically crack for weasels.

Once they inhaled their "medicine", our daily running of the weasels commenced in earnest, which in turn resulted in the AmyUnit waking up after repeated ferret bites to the toes.

Once Amy was up, I made her some coffee and we readied ourselves to listen to the 8 am cruising net. We made it almost to the 2 minute mark before the inane and ridiculous chatter of the self indulgent ass clowns that call G'Town home during the winter forced me to turn it off.

As an aside, Amy found out a couple of years ago that if she doesn't let me listen to the cruisers net on the VHF in the morning my asshole quotient index goes way, way down and I am better able to stay on this years "Spread the love tour".

After our abbreviated morning net, I readied myself for 2 on 2 death ball and Amy left in her kayak to shore and do her yoga thing.

Ball started at 9 am and we had 9 solid players for the first time in recent memory. We had two courts of 2 on 2 with 1 guy rotating in from the sidelines. In all, we played for two and a half hours and I finally had to bow out and go sit in the shade of the palm trees with a cold Kalik beer. Man it sucks getting old.

By 11:45 I was back on the boat and showering off the sand. Five minutes later I was in the dinghy and racing across the harbour for a noon rendezvous with the folks from Palm Bay Beach Club. Ron (the owner) picked me up and drove me up to their resort so I could work out some kinks in a bio-metric finger print scanner that we are using to log his employees in and out, much like an old time punch clock probably worked.

I didn't finish until 4 pm and then my Haitian friend Vincent drove me back to my dinghy in town. I hit the market for about twenty unidentifiable veggie constructs for Amy and then motored over to the fuel dock to get gas for the dinghy and beer for the bozo. For those interested, gas was $6.22 a gallon today and cold Kalik was still 3 for 5 dollars.

I should mention that through the complicated mess that is my life, I have acquired a used 15 horse power, 2 stroke Yamaha outboard for our dinghy yesterday. The 15 hp is a significant upgrade from our older, 9.9 Mercury 2 stroke that I bought from a crack addict in Florida 4 years ago. Included in the engine exchange was a new, larger, 6 gallon gas tank that I needed to fill while in town.

By 4:30 pm, I was loaded back in the dink and heading home. Amy met me at the rail and helped me transfer our purchases to the mother ship and then we proceeded to stow the perishables and start prep work for dinner, which was Caribbean jerk wings on the grill. They were excellent, but despite their taste there were leftovers, due to the number of wings participating in the dinner.

No matter how hungry you are, 1000 of anything is too many.

At 6:15 we loaded in to the dinghy and headed up to St. Francis. Amy and I chose to sit out the Thursday night poker game, so we went late just to see a few friends and handle a few business transactions over Greg's internet connection. 

By 8:30 we were on our way home and we were greeted at the door by the weasel tribe. Amy took her book and headed off to bed while I held all three weasels on my lap, inside my hockey jersey and we watched Skyfall for the third time in 9 days. That movie still rocks.

To bed at 1:15 am after placing the weasels in their state room. See you tomorrow, or rather later today.

More to follow, end of line ....

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Hey Bozo,
I'm not buying it. It's only 7:50 PM 2/1/13 and I'm reading this. I think you went to bed earlier then 1:15.



   I recently started using a different editor for these blogs and due to the nature of it's internal publishing mechanism, the dates are always one day advanced. I'll try and work that out in the future. Sorry.


Wow, where did you get all these mean blog readers from?  Send them back and enjoy your life.  Smile

Listen, if I were living the life you're living, would I religiously update my cruising blog?  What blog?  Smile  

This is the longest standing and most often updated cruising blog I have been able to find.  The truth is that the vast majority of cruisers quit cruising within one to two years when they find out that cruising isn't the care free paradise the boating magazines and boat salesmen told them it is.  They quickly find out that they have to work harder to maintain their home in salt water than on land because of the corrosiveness of the salt water or their home quickly sinks.  When they quit cruising is when their blogs quickly go quiet.

Almost all of those who do continue cruising rarely, if ever, update their cruising blogs, usually about once or twice a year.

I check your blog almost every day and, when I see that you update your blog once or twice a week, that is really great and I am happy with that.  You have provided more information and fun than any other cruising blog I know of and these mean blog readers complain about it?  :-P  Phbt!!!

In my opinion, you should get a cruising blogger's award for the longest standing, most frequently updated, most informative, and most fun cruising blog.  Therefore, I have decided to give you my cruising bloggers award, the Old Fart Internet Stalker's cruising blog award for the Best Cruising Blog.  That is official and thank you for all the information and fun.  Keep up the good work and keep having fun in spite of all these mean blog readers.  Just ignore the punks.  Smile

Wait - your day in the life didn't include any boat work. I thought EVERY day included work on a boat.

S/V Kintala

your sister-the old one 2/5/2013 7:37:02 AM

....I tend to agree with your friend Ofis...he sounds rather wise and seems to have little tolerance for morons and haters...Go Ofis....that being said...

Are you getting soft, dear brother of mine......are you truly mellowing with a fine brandy?...are you REALLY going to go quietly into (yet another fabulous-looking) sunset?....

I hope not....tell them all kiss your ass....where's the guy we sent down there ready to throw ANY or ALL of his siblings under the bus, when it came to a parental inquisition?....where's the guy who single-handedly has managed to insult, ostracize or flat out piss-off most minorities, friends and/or family?  A week in the life of Dream catcher without a riot-inciting comment, observation or opinion is almost unheard of....

but you chose this life...and you make or dont post....they're all just jealous anyway...
tell Amy we said hey, and thanks for keeping you on the right side of the bars of justice...most of the time anyway..TTFN

Tom Bastian 2/5/2013 9:10:42 PM

Love your sisters comments. Should be "Your Sister~the wise one". I can only imagine what your childhood household must have been like.  
Ofis' comments rocked also.  

your sister-the old one 2/8/2013 7:37:00 AM

...Tom (Bastian)...our house growing up....was never quiet, or boring or happily-going-along...we were frequently in trouble, fighting, scamming, brown-nosing ( for previous wrong-doings) or trying to make someone else scream or cry.....4 children, under 9 made for a very loud house...some of us were better at the loud part than others....

Looking back now...I had no idea just how good we had it....wouldn't change it for anything....well, most of it anyway......

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