Mahi Madness

I talked Amy into going for a sail this morning. We were only going out to sail around Stocking Island, a distance of about 20 miles from start to finish, but the three hour trip allowed us to deploy 4 of our 6 fish whackers for the first time in awhile. Fortunately, the fish must have got the memo, because they showed up with a vengeance.

Within minutes of going off soundings, the port side whacker started screaming off line. Fish on baby! Amy slowed the boat to a crawl and I went hand to hand with our new fishy friend. I got him along side about 5 minutes later and after a quick stab to the forehead, I welcomed a small 15 pound mahi onboard.

Amy resumed sailing while I set out to clean our catch. While I was down below trying to find my fillet knives, the same fish whacker went off again. Amy called me up on deck and about the same time I  arrived, the starboard, down rigger equipped fish whacker started screaming as well. Shitty death, a double strike!!

Amy turned us downwind, set the autopilot and then tackled the port side whacker while I grabbed the starboard and began to struggle against a giant of the deep. Within ten minutes, Amy had another mahi along side waiting for the stabbing treatment and I managed to bring up a 25 pound wahoo. Another quick struggle as I lobotomized both fish and then they joined fish number one in the cockpit floor.

With three fish already onboard and only twenty minutes into our three hour tour, we opted to stow the fish whackers and turn around and sail back into the harbour. What can I say, we’re lame.

Amy sailed us home and I cleaned fish. By the time I was done, it looked like I had slaughtered a couple of pigs in the cockpit. Fortunately, our raw water deck wash down hose reaches back to the cockpit and so it was a simple task to hose out the blood.

We arrived off of Hamburger Beach and anchored in 6 feet of water in our usual spot. We are still the only boat here, so its lonely, but quiet.

After putting the boat to bed, I made mahi fingers and French fries for lunch. Afterwards, I went for a swim around the anchorage and Amy took a nap. the afternoon passed by quietly.

Dinner was fresh grilled wahoo steaks covered in sweet sticky rum sauce and served on a bed of rice. It was excellent and despite cooking 4 steaks instead of 2, there were no leftovers.

After dinner clean-up, the weasels joined us in the salon for a glass of wine and watch the full moon rise. We sat together in the cockpit until around 8 pm when BodhiWeasel fell asleep in my swim fin. Amy and the tribe retired to our bed room and I sat up and watched White House Down. It was pretty good and there were lots of explosions and people blowing shit up. To bed at 11 pm.

More to follow, end of line …

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