Return Trip

I was up early thanks to a squall that moved over our anchorage at 4 am. After closing the 24 opening windows on Dream Catcher and then peeling MadibaWeasel off the ceiling (thunder, don’t ask) I fired up the new cockpit cooktop and made tea, coffee, and then two bacon, egg and cheesies.

I gotta say, I’m McLovin’ the addition to the cooking arrangement on board Dream Catcher. Being able to use a full cooktop in the summer time heat has been great. Instead of cold sandwiches for breakfast and dinner, we are eating like kings and loving every minute of it. Kick ass!

After breakfast and the morning version of the running of the weasels, we upped anchor, slipped back through Hog Cay cut and then set the spinnaker for the run back to G’Town. I deployed the full compliment of fish whackers, but all I caught were three barracuda, which I dutifully cut up and put in the freezer for one of my Bahamian friends who insists they are totally safe to eat. I figure if the Berries (cudas) translate into a couple cases of beer, who am I to cast aspersions. Right?

Anyhow, we reached back into the harbour around 3 pm after averaging a whopping 4 knots under sail. We did an obligatory sail by for the tourons (tourist moron particles) who were lined up on volleyball beach with their cameras. I wanted to moon the lot of them, but very few people,with the exception of my friend Ollie can carry that off. Besides, with all those cameras I was worried my mom would see my ass on the internet and she’d probably never forgive me.

After the photo session, we doused the spinnaker and turned into the anchorage just off of town where we dropped the hook in six feet. The usual cast of characters are still here, so nothing changed despite our 38 hour absence.

Tomorrow I have plans to meet some friends to fix computer problems on the island out west, so being nearby and town side is a help. I’ve also gotta pull Otto apart and figure out what is going on his pea sized brain. That whole hand steering shit is for the birds.

Ok, that’s about it. Remember, be safe, it’s dumb out there…

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cockpit cooker???? details please

I'm comin by for some lunch!

your-sister-the-old-one 7/20/2014 10:54:48 AM

...While seeing your 42-year -old-moon might shock and awe some  tourists, I doubt those would be Mom's reactions.....while she might lay claim to you, i betting she'd blame d
Dad for the impromptu full moon rising.....
keep floating

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