Life continues to return to normal as the crowd begins to head north back towards their stateside residences. At last count, we were down to less then 150 boats and Amy and I are both ok with that.

I continue to battle a seemingly continual series of health related illnesses, none of which are serious, but coupled together seem to keep beating me down. Getting old sucks, but the short story is, I’m heading home in early May to see my knee doctor as well as the a new gout specialist who needs to modify my medication. Shitty death!

Amy and the weasels are good and morale on board has vastly improved as of yesterday when the 3 week and 4 day long winds of death (+20 knots) finally abated. It is now safe to move about the harbour.

The only good side to being boat bound for almost a month is that we spent almost no money, got lots of boat projects done, did lots of cooking and completed 12 outstanding computer and or sewing projects that have sort of been living in our cockpit since last December. Remember, I am lame.

Amy and I have both been reading a lot and I think we are going to start a new website section on books and movies that we’ve seen along with our individual reviews. That probably sound boring to most of you, but it’s my website and there you have it.

I took my broken body out to spear fish this morning, but I could only get one fin on due to the swelling in my left foot. Consequently, this left me swimming in fairly small 50 meter circles around the dinghy. Despite this impediment, I managed to find two lobsters that were not pregnant (out of 5) and I made them my own. For the record, the end of lobster season is just around the corner, so in the interest of species management, please don’t shoot any females with eggs before the offseason starts on April 1.

The boat is doing ok and we are hard at work on making a list of some major renovation projects come this summer. I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I’ll detail soon, but I’m a little disheartened that Amy wants to bring in those two pretty boy retards from that TV show, the Property Brothers to effect repairs. Personally, I bet those hosers can’t even swim….

Saturday was the final (3rd) day of the 2015 Bahamian Music Festival. We went into the free, open air before 6 pm event to see the sites and buy another Bahamian bird sculpture, but honestly, neither one of us could justify spending the $25 per person fee to watch music played too loud and too late as we have in years past. I heard that Friday night the music didn’t start until 11 pm and on Saturday, it didn’t get going until 12:30 am. Sorry, not going to happen.

And finally, we received a new shipment of collapsible, 5 gallons, potable water jugs in the latest shipment from Reggie's. In an effort to ensure an increased survival rate for our water transport mechanism, I have made six, plastic covers to shield our water jugs from harmful cosmic radiation. Or random dinghy jarring.

Ok, that’s about it. More to follow, end of line ….

P.S. – Today’s picture is of the Bodhi-Buddy playing peek-a-boo with the camera after over dosing on Ferretone (weasel crack).

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Dude, I totally OD'd once and it sucked ass. Get that fat f@cker in to rehab stat. Wanna get high?


He should have just said no to drugs....

Just sayin'

hairless in seattle 3/22/2015 2:39:47 PM

stoned weasel  . . .toking bobo cush . . . through bozo's bong

Bozo, did you change something on the site? It is loading about 400% faster then before. Bravo to you. Keep it up.


I used to do drugs, I still do, but I used to too......


BADGES???  BADGES???  Mon,we don't need no stinkin' BADGES

your-sister-the-old-one 3/23/2015 12:20:13 PM

yes, you are old....whether you are stateside, floating, retired or in the are old...and parts wear out.  See you in May?

Tom, what did it cost you to build thosecover? Can we get a photo?


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