Herrington Harbour South

Herrington Harbour South has been the marina where we have had our boat for the last two years. The facility is absolutely gorgeous, but the staff and service pretty much suck barnacles. The marina staff is borderline incompetent by cheap marina standards and for a marina in this price bracket, it's just completely unacceptable.

This is also the place where our boat was damaged by fire. I had a chance to see actual video footage of the whole incident months after the fact, and all I can say is the marina staff not only did nothing to help save my boat, they actually caused the majority of the damage.

After a dock neighbor cut my boat loose to save it from burning up with the boat next to mine, the marina staff waited 2 hours before they got in their little skiff and went to retrieve it. During this time, the boat bounced merrily around the harbor. When they got off their asses and finally got around to getting it, the 68 year old dock manager rammed my boat so hard in the side that he caused the majority of the damage we received.

Another incident worth mentioning is billing. We get no less than 4 bills a month from these guys, and that's after we have paid for our slip up front, in full. This winter, they randomly decide to start charging us a live aboard fee! At the time I owned three !@#$%!@ houses! What the !#$@#% are they thinking.

These guys are mega-bozo's. They pretty much suck and I would stay away from them. The marina is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't keep my boat there.

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