Oh Golly - Eau Gallie

Gladly left Titusville this morning, pretty much as soon as I was conscious. Took our usual one-hour shifts; we both played on the computer in our down time.

Kind of felt like a bombing range. The pelicans were going wild. At any given moment, three or four birds were dropping from the sky and making a huge splash in the water. From the looks of it, they were having good success catching fish. That's more than we can say. All we caught was our own boat when we forgot to reel in the port fishing line before trying to anchor.

Our first anchoring effort was in Melbourne. We thought it was weird on our approach that there weren't really any other boats around. Figured we'd try it anyway, but dropped anchor twice and it broke free both times. Guess that's why there's no other boats.

We remembered seeing lots of boats one bridge further north, and Skipper Bob referred to it as a "popular" destination. Looked good so we backtracked the four miles. This is, in fact, a nice place with good holding. There is a marina nearby where we hope we can land a dinghy. The beach looks like it's about a mile away. Might be worth spending a day here.

After exploring on land, we'll probably have spaghetti for dinner.


Got in dinghy and went over to older couple on Island Packet catamaran who we'd seen at the bridge earlier in the day. They invited us aboard for a tour (believe their names were Bob and Maxine). It's a nice boat in terms of accommodations, although very heavy and very slow. They told us where to take the dinghy and also gave us info about keeping a boat in Florida during hurricane season, which we are considering doing this coming year.

We headed in to town and found the Texas Roadhouse, which was a decent spot. Everyone was asking everyone if they had voted. Went back to the boat and listened to the election returns.

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