Trivia Masters

I spent the morning doing boring paperwork stuff (paying bills, etc.) while Thomas roamed the countryside in search of bait. Thomas got chicken necks and bait and we tried catching dinner. The crabs here are HUGE. Unfortunately, the water here is much clearer than on the Bay, so the little suckers see you and let go before you can net them. Fishing resulted in numerous catfish, but we didn't keep anything.

Thomas went back out in search of crab traps. He rode over to Eau Gallie on the other side, He determined that the other side, while less protected in the anchorage, is much nicer, so we picked up our anchor and headed over that way.

We are seriously considering the possibility that this place is heaven. There is a really nice library right on the waterfront. You can sit all day reading books and using the computer, in the air conditioning no less, and still keep an eye on the boat in the anchorage. How cool is that!

Then there is the bar, Conchy Joe's. Happy hour starts at a very reasonable 3 PM and they set out a buffet of sorts. Thomas isn't as fond of some of the items as I am, but we were able to get our money's worth while playing this stupid trivia game.

We stayed at Conchy Joe's until 6 PM, even won the trivia game once, then headed back to the boat to watch a movie. Gingerbread Man, which I traded another cruiser for back at Barefoot Landing, was quite awful, despite its all-star cast. Oh well. It was nice to hang out in front of the television anyway.

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