And on Sunday, the Rednecks Went Home - by Amy

Another scorcher. Steve and Sally decided they'd had enough and left early this morning. I was still sleeping off the effects of a Benadryl pill, which always seem to knock me out, and didn't get to say a final goodbye. I'll try not to be sad, as I expect we'll be seeing them in a few months if their plans to take Dimsan to the Bahamas hold. Without us there to nag them about it, though.... :)

Fortunately, the powerboaters steadily filed out of the anchorage. I suspect there will be no more talk of "filthy A-rabs" on the VHF, thank goodness.

The day was spent reading books, napping, and dunking ferrets. Just before sundown, a nice breeze struck up, and Thomas and I made drinks and retired to the foredeck. We enjoyed the bug-freeness on the tramp and observed a sea ray go for the record in the high jump. The guy cleared the water by several feet and actually flapped its "wings" as if it were going to fly. Quite a sight.

We punted on dinner and decided to munch on tortilla chips with topping of choice (avacado and salsa for me, cheese for Tom). More book reading in a slightly cooler cabin until bed. Again, NOAA has put off cooler weather another day, so tomorrow will probably be a re-run of today.

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