Adios Mom and Dad

This morning I stopped by the Anam Cara's to check the compression on their engine. The cylinders had 125, 135, 140, and 85 pounds respectively. That last one is a little low, but it shouldn't keep the engine from running. Hmm.

I left Don and Sandi and went into town to see Mom and Dad off. Amy stayed behind this morning as she was not feeling well. We had a cup of coffee before the taxi arrived and swept Mom and Dad back towards the states. By Mom and Dad, miss you.

I returned to Don and Sandi's boat and I removed the head on their engine. The gasket didn't look bad, uh oh! Shitty Death!

I replaced the gasket with a new one after cleaning up the head a bit and re-installed everything. The engine still refused to fire. Don and I went on to replace all of the electronics, but to no avail. Our next guess is to remove the carburetor and verify that we are getting fuel, but that will wait til tomorrow.

In gratitude, Don and Sandi took me to pizza night at the newly opened St. Francis Bar near Hole 1. Amy was still feeling under the weather and she decided to stay home and ferret sit.

Pizza and beers followed lots of conversation among the 100 - 110 people who showed up. I wasn't aware that it was also karaoke night at St. Francis and we secretly laughed from the bar as several cruisers we knew proceeded to embarrass themselves on stage.

What is it about a bar atmosphere that makes normally sane people think they are Elvis?

I returned to the boat around sun down and made Amy dinner before she went back to sleep while the ferrets and I watched Troy.

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