Back Safely Inside

The wind showed up around 1 am this morning and we are once again an actual sailboat. We started out making 3.5 knots and the wind steadily increased over the next 12 hours or so. By the time we got to the outer marker off of St. Augustine, we were doing 8.5 knots.

I trolled 2 or 3 of the fishing whackers the whole way and got no love. Apparently, American fish are still impervious to our fishing capabilities. We did have quite a scare when a 5 foot Skipjack Tuna jumped out of the water in front of us, smashed into Amy's kayak and then flopped back into the sea. He gave both of us quite a scare.

We made the turn in, got under the Bridge of Lions and put the hook down in the ghetto field. After putting the boat to bed we assembled the dinghy and went to shore for wings and a beer at the A1A Brew Pub. Once again, however, my attempts at finding a draft beer were thwarted! Apparently the floor was collapsing in the brewing area and had to be condemned. They are working at rebuilding, but the bar tender said it would be months before they are back to brewing. Once again I had to resort to bottled domestics. Dammit man!

We returned to the boat, played with the ferrets and were asleep by 6 pm. Tomorrow we tackle laundry before heading down to Daytona.

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