No KISS Love

Underway early this morning as we had lots of miles to cover. We did our usual 1 hour on, 1 hour off watches. On one of my off watches, I assembled the new wind generator.

I may not have mentioned it, but the KISS people who distribute our brand of wind generator stopped by the water front of St. Augustine and dropped off our new wind gen. They were suppose to mail it to my dad last week, but something got screwed up.

I was about to fly off the handle and threaten to kill people when Libby( KISS person) said they were on their way home from the Annapolis Boat Show and would pass near us. She offered to call when she got close and I could dinghy shore to meet them.

This worked out good, except they had no blades for the wind generator. You can imagine how much good a blade-less wind gen is. Libby said she would overnight me the blades when we get to Vero Beach in a few days. Ok, I guess we'll see.

The KISS people are really nice and all, but they are really disorganized. I mean I appreciate them taking the time to stop in St. Augustine and all, but if they would have mailed the damn thing 7 days ago when I ordered it LIKE THEY PROMISED, this wouldn't be an issue.

If things don't go well in procuring the blades, they may end up on my manufacturer's wall of shame. I'll let you know how it works out. Anyway, the wind gen is now re-installed and awaiting blades.

The rest of the day was spent watching Florida stroll by. There is a bike festival going on in Daytona and so we got to see lots of motorcycles at every bridge crossing. Team Dream Catcher even starred in two adult themed action adventure film extravaganza's along the way. Milo and I did our best to look tough for the two biker women filming us. Check your local theaters for playing times near you.

We ended the day's travels at Rockhouse Creek. We have anchored here several times before and have found the holding to be good, but from time to time there have been no-see-ums in the area. This was one of those times.

After a dinner of grilled Mahi and rice, we buttoned up the boat and hid from the bugs. It got pretty warm and we ran our fans all night. Tomorrow we head for Titusville and hopefully the propane company is still in business there as we are down to our last few pounds and in need of a refill.

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