Season Wrap Up

Well, we've been home for 4 days and the transition from being on the move to staying in one place was as jarring as usual. Add to that having to get Amy ready to head to New York for a month to deal with her grand mother and my mom going in to the hospital for an operation and I can tell you we are a bit frazzled.

I've got a bunch of pictures from the trip home I need to upload, but this will take a little time while we try to get a handle of life back in the states. For the record, we were gone 6 months and 8 days and traveled a total of 5425 miles. We burned a whopping 500 gallons of gasoline, 75 of which was consumed by the dinghy.

We re-acquainted ourselves with our neighbors Charles and Ann and we met another couple that is just starting to build a house next door to the Buddy Fred's. They seem nice as well and we had them and Charles (Ann is away) over for barbecued ribs and corn bread last night.

The weather is starting to warm here and about an hour ago I got both air conditioning units up and running. I actually turned one on today to prevent the weasels from roasting.

We took the Amy-mobile in to town this afternoon and hooked up with our shrimp connection. He didn't have any today, but said that the fleet is heading out for the first hunt of the season on Tuesday so he'll have all we want come next weekend.

We haven't seen hide nor hair of Steve and Sally. I suspect he has her locked in the basement somewhere but I have no proof of this. On the off chance your reading this Sally, hi from all of us and I still have no idea of "Who is Steve's Mom?"

Amy flies out tomorrow morning at 5am heading to New York by way of Atlanta. We're guessing she'll be gone 3 to 4 weeks, so it'll just be me and the weasel tribe on board until further notice. I imagine I'll pass the time tackling the 4 page, 350 item boat list of updates, repairs and maintenance. I also need to travel back to my family's place and visit everyone.

I will continue the blog updates, but I imagine the frequency will slow own a little while we're not actively moving anywhere. Take care and stay in touch.



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