Time Off

We took a day down today after pushing hard to get south to warmer weather. We slept in and only got up after the weasel tribe staged a breakfast insurrection and stormed our cabin en masse. Milo sat on Amy's head, Mila licked the back of my knee caps and Marley bounced around like a retard making clucking noises. It was time to get up.

Amy made breakfast grilled cheesies for me and the weasels and she had some sort of greenish vegetable goo that I couldn't identify. Following breakfast cleanup, we got out our bicycles and loaded then into the dinghy. Once ashore, we spent twenty minutes trying to remember how to re-assemble said bikes. After two false starts we got it sorted out and then we were off to grocery.

Five mintues later we arrived and the shopping commenced. I pushed the cart while Amy collected more vegetables and I had to constantly remind her that we were traveling by bicyle and thus were limited in what we could carry. She still managed to fill up every available space in our two duffle bags and I even had to carry a pineapple strapped to the handlebars of my bike. What an indignity!

We made it back to the dinghy, stowed the bikes and returned to the mother ship. Amy put away our purchases and I changed the oil in one of our engines. The remainder of the afternoon past quietly and around 4 pm we took the dinghy into town for a round of drinks at Kathleen's only to learn that it has gone out of business! Shitty death!

We wandered aimlessly through the streets until I saw the tell tale neon of a beer sign outside of Hemmingway's. Hemmingway's turned out to be a tiny little dive that we both enjoyed immensely. We ended up meeting the owners, two retired New Zealander ladies, and spent several hours listening to stories.

We didn't return home until almost 9 pm, so we passed on dinner and called it a day.

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