Damaged People

We're pretty isolated when we are this far south, so the first we heard of the magnitude 8.9 earth quake in Japan was on this morning's weather dude's announcement. The details were sketchy at best, but it sounds pretty bad.

From what little intel we can gather the loss of life is going to be severe and from what I'm hearing on AFRN it sounds like the secondary damage from the tsunami wave is going to be nothing short of catastrophic. Hopefully help is on the way for those affected and maybe some can still be saved.

In news closer to home, Super G picked me up at 8:30 and out to the reef we went. The water was clear and warm and we spent two hours at three different spots, In the end we came home with 5 lobsters between the two of us. I also shot three nice sized fish and got to keep none of them. The force was not strong with me today and apparently these were not the fish I was looking for.

Damn I hate the Jedi mind trick!

Back on the mother ship, Amy helped me clean our lobsters and then she pressure steamed said lobsters' legs. I swear if we ever open a Bahamian bar and grill we are so having lobster leg appetizer on the menu. We'd be like the guys who invented chicken wings, only Bahamian style.

We wiled away the early afternoon eating lobster legs in the cockpit with the weasels. Afterwords, Amy read a book and I listened to the news on the single side band radio as I tried to clean crustacean particles from marleyWeasel's fur. As an aside, after much trial and error I have determined that the best way to remove particulate matter from weasel fur is with the judicious use of Amy's tooth brush.

Around 3 pm we headed in to the beach to walk a bit and visit the sight of an old restaurant made from a crashed DC3 (that's an airplane OldSister). The place has been closed for years, but a local Bahamian and his wife live there now along with their 15 dogs, 42 chickens and 34 hogs. See said wild life side right.

After an hour of playing with the farm animals, we returned home and cleaned up. At 5:30 we headed over to Seaquel for dinner with the couple off of Trumpeter (George and Nancy) whom we met in years past down around here. They are a nice couple, but they are UNC Tarheels fans and as such they are damaged people. (Duke plays UNC for the ACC Championship tomorrow). Go Duke, go!

Dinner was a nice quiet affair and we said our good nights and returned home to the weasel tribe with full bellies around 9 pm. After tucking in the furry people and checking the anchor we called it a day around 9:15.

Remember, be safe, it's dumb out there....

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The videos coming out of Japan are truly astonishing. The sea swept pretty much everything in as far as 6 miles inland.

I'm wondering do those pigs get eaten? I never knew there were farms down in the Caribbean. Do they taste like normal bacon?


On my granddad's farm, when I was a kid a few billion years ago, we made our own food from scratch and home made bacon doesn't taste much like store bought or "regular bacon" because store bought bacon is very processed.  In my opinion, home made everything is much better than store bought anything but most people are so used to store bought they would disagree.  Most people probably wouldn't like home made milk or butter either.

Mmmmm, I can see, smell, and taste all that great food so thanks for the memories.  Smile  Oooo, home made catsup, salsa, jelly, jam, bread, cakes, cookies, cobblers, and much more.  So good.

What's that local doing, giving a massage to that giant hog?

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not totally out of the boat-people loop,(about the snide OLD sister/plane/dc3 comment), although one has to wonder why does every damn thing have to be in letter and numbers code....the" L-M-N-O-P" weather guy, the DC3 PLANE, the 42-xkr-double-hulled Cat....etc.etc....guys just think it's cool to talk in code......

How Bout C-47   (really old)

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