Lobster Redux

Super G called me this morning shortly after the weather dude and asked me to pick him up at 9 am for a trip down to the west side of Little Ragged for another round of spear fishing. The wind was up over 20 knots as forecast, but the western lee of the island gave us reasonable protection for our hunt.

We spent two hours at 5 different sites and came away with four more lobsters. They weren't the biggest bugs in the world, but I suspect they'll be tasty none the less. As an aside and less my two loyal readers think I live only for the blood lust, Super G and I deferred from shooting 7 other bugs that were just too small to be legal.

Back home on the mother ship, I showered off on the transom steps and then Amy made us some lobster tacos for lunch. The high winds kept us on the boat through out the day except for a brief foray I made to tow our neighbors to shore. They are on a small sloop and their dinghy has no engine. They were trying to row ashore, but the wind was setting them out to sea so I went and threw them a line and drug them to land. Hopefully no good deed goes unpunished and someday someone will return the favor.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading a book on my ebook reader that Amy's Ukrainian friend Mari gave her last time she was in New York. I did take time out to make pressure cooker popcorn and to sharpen my hunting spears with a dremmel tool I borrowed from Super G, but other than that all was quiet on the home front.

Dinner was a mega lobster from yesterday that Amy and I shared. He was half split and roasted on the grill in olive oil and garlic and then served with potato wedges and a small side salad. Post dinner entertainment was a re-showing of Ratatouie, that Pixar film with the rat who could cook. It's still pretty funny and that scene where the rat army is being decontaminated in the dish washer never fails to crack me up.

Tomorrow we'll be moving the big boat back up towards Hog Cay as the weather has settled back in to the normal easterly trades. Be safe, it's dumb out there....

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Don't you get tired of eating lobster all the time?


   Uh, no.


I was thinking about you yesterday when NPR did a story about the biggest lobster ever caught in Britain.  over 1 meter in length and weighing in at more than 4kg.  They saved him from the cook pot and put him in an aquarium.  They estimated he was over 50 years old.  So if you're ever hungry out there you know where to find him LOL.

S/V Nomad

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