Death by Neoprene

After catching the weather dude this morning, Milo and I went out in the cockpit and played hide the ferret in my dive bag. At one point he got his bulbous ass stuck in the arm sleeve of my wet suit and then I had to rescue him before he suffocated. It was just like Winnie the Pooh, poor fat bastard.

After near death by neoprene miloWeasel and I went inside and made breakfast for ourselves as well as Amy and the retard. The weasels and I had tacos while Amy had some sort of veggie goo that we all steered clear of. Afterwords Super G came by and we took my wind surfer in to the beach and then attempted to sail.

We didn't do too well as neither one of us has been surfing in almost a year. Added to that my foot isn't doing real well and I had trouble supporting myself while trying to lift the sail to start. We left the board assembled on the beach hiding in the weeds so we can try again over the next several days. I suspect we'll get a little better with some more practice and hopefully none of the local wild goat population will eat my board while it's unprotected on the beach.

Around 3 pm George and Julie met us on the beach for a couple games of Koob. Team Dream Catcher lost the first two rounds, but came back strong in the all important grudge match, so I'd like to think we don't completely suck.

After Koob, we returned home, but after a quick dinner of mahi fingers and fries, we decided to head back in to the beach and have a bonfire. On the way in, I stopped by Seaquel to let them know we were having a fire and they opted to join us. The fire lasted well in to the evening and we didn't break up and head home until almost 10 pm.

Milo was waiting for us when we got home, so he and I shared a rum punch while Amy went to bed to read. Milo and I ended up staying up late watching G-Force and laughing at the animated gerbils. I tucked fatty in and then called it a night at the ultra late hour of 1 am.

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Hey Bozo,

   Long time stalker, first time commenter......

   If my life was this funny I don't think I could stand it. Publish the book, I'll buy one.

PS - Can we get a snapshot of the sister? Thanks.

.....wait just a second...if Miloweasel is Winnie the pooh...doesn't that make you Christopher Robin....personally, I always thought he was a little light-in-the-loafers...if you know what I mean...not that I'm judging or anything...I mean, whatever it takes to get through your day, right?....

...of all the colourful, insulting, politically incorrect or painfully true things you've been called, through this blog or to your scrubblely, wind-burnt-sunglass-clad-piratey-uncle-tom-face.....I never would have pictured you as Christopher Robin.....Wile E. Coyote, or maybe even the bad guy from the "despicable Me" movie...

myself?...I've always wanted to Maleficent...the bad-ass witch from Sleeping Beauty that gets to turn into the dragon, and say the word "Hell"at the end of the movie...but, I digress......

Hello Dream Catcher,

As someone who cruised in the Bahamas late 70's and early 80's I happened on your page.  Turns out that we know George and Julie.  It's great to see pictures of that clear water, people having fun on the beach and hearing that lobsters still inhabit the water.  

We're almost done suffering in the cold here in Chesapeake country.

Thanks for the pictures.

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