Week One in Review

Our first week ashore comes to a close. It's funny how much simpler everything is on land. Cooking, washing clothes, grocery shopping and electricity are all taken for granted when you live ashore.

Today we did absolutely nothing.

Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

I never left the comfort of the sofa and the air conditioner all day and it was everything I thought it could be.

Ok, I did do some patch work to our bimini in the morning, but I set up a sewing station right next to the TV so I wouldn't miss anything, but that hardly counts as doing anything really, so I'm standing by my "zero" assessment of today's productivity.

Around 2:30 we watched Portugal lose to Spain in the Eurocup semi-final. It was a dull game, but fortunately we had the air conditioner and plenty of cold beer in the fridge so the game seemed much better than it might otherwise had been.

As I write this I'm into hour 5 of the Deadliest Catch and somewhere in the back of my mind I think the TV is sucking my will to live. How do people out there put up with these devices? Four hundred channels of options and there is nothing on. How is that possible?

Tomorrow I think we may have to unplug the TV and put it in the closet to keep from causing permanent damage to my frail little psyche.

More to follow, end of line ....

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Dude, I'm so high I can't feel my feet. Wanna get high?

Mondo, that is your brain (or what is left of it) telling you that your brain is fried and you need to get off the junk.

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