Candid Potatoes

The last couple of days have been spent over on the town side of the harbour, hiding from cold westerly winds and near constant rain. We were anchored off of Kidd Cove for most of that time, but moved here behind Ferguson Point this morning to get a respite from the procession of dinghies, skiffs and freighters shuttling back and forth in front of us.

The rain let off a little this morning and we dinghied in to town for some supplies. We also met up with Norm from Wind Minstrel at Eddie's Edge Water so that I could take a look at his laptop that was acting up. I smacked it around a while and made like I was busy while Norm supplies a steady stream of cold beers.

Once we were a six pack in, I waved my magic wand and pronounced the machine fixed. As we were leaving, I noticed that Eddie's had a menu posted for their Thanksgiving Day dinner. In addition to ham, turkey, peas and rice, you could also have candid potatoes. I'm not sure about you folks back home, but I always look for honesty in my tubers so I was thinking maybe we should attend.

Of course then Amy had to burst my bubble and say that no, they were not in fact extremely truthful potatoes, rather the candied variety and that further more, someone who commits as many grammatical errors as me, should not make fun of others.

Damn. Where's the holiday spirit?

We returned home to the boat around 3 pm after making a few more stops around town and visiting with some friends at the yacht club. For dinner, I got out my last lobster from Saturday's fishing trip and our Thanksgiving feast grilled lobster served over linguine with a white wine pasta sauce.

As an aside, the evening libation was a very expensive bottle of wine that Herman from White Wing gave us for hooking him up with some movies on his computer, which is proof positive that piracy is still alive and well down island. Tomorrow the wind finally moves back to the east where it belongs and we'll move back over to the other side of the harbour to be near the beach.

Remember, be safe, it's dumb out there ....

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I got hooked up on a hot munchie at the Legion , working the other night. While cooking dinbner for Veterans Day, the cook had to peel 50 lbs of  potatoe. He deep fried the peels and sent a basket to the bar...Delicious   I had to make them for Thanksgiving for the tribe and there were no leftovers

Well I know
we're dying
and there's no sign
of a parachute.....

We scream in
Why can't it
be beautiful


have to say I like the peel idea...also I like the idea of a candid never know when a potato is lying...their eyes dont give them away....(groans)

your-sister-the-old-one 11/25/2012 10:33:55 AM

...having been an attendee at the above mentioned Turkey day feast with our Dad, I can say the potato-peelings were FABULOUS!!!!!!!...As a card-carrying member and founder of the TRIBE...I can pass along a message that you were missed, Amy as well, and since it was discussed that you probably wouldn't be back for Christmas either, Maddie wants to know if you can come for the another holiday?....her birthday.....

as an aside, glad to hear Piracy is alive and well in your spot in the Islands....we were just watching one of the Pirates of the Carribean movies...when we were sure we spotted the-newly-famous-due-to-her-appearance-in-boat-magazine-Aunt Amy doing her yoga-deal on a seaside beach...alas, we did NOT see uncle Tom...we figured you were diving...maybe next time....

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