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Ok, ok, sorry about the rant. Somtimes you just have to let it out. I promise to be much happier today.

Hello, and welcome to Sunday. This morning we woke up at 7 am thanks to to a coordinated ferret terrorist strike. Madiba and Sattva stormed the sleeping AmyUnit while BodhiWeasel sat on my chest and licked my nose.

We were forced out of bed and marched to the galley where the weasels demanded Ferretone (crack for weasels).

Once the tribe was sated, I made us homemade blue berry waffles for breakfast. Marley put in an appearance and licked some syrup off of mine, but he got tired really quickly and returned to bed.

After eating and cleaning up, we loaded into the dinghy and headed to shore, where we walked over to the ocean side to look at the waves. Their still solid 6 or 7 footers, but much smaller than the other day.

After an hour of beach walking, we returned to the dinghy and then the mother ship. Amy tackled another writing assignment from back in the states, while I made a new carrying case for my 2 part casting fishing rod. The old one died last week when I went fishing with Herman from White Wing.

In the early afternoon, we joined about twenty other cruisers up at Big D's conch shack and had a beer in the afternoon sun while shooting the breeze and catching up with everyone. About ten or twelve cruising boats have shown up in the last couple of days and I guess it's safe to say that the season is underway.

We returned home around dinner time and I made four individually sized pizzas on the grill. They were good and there were no leftovers. For the record, my pizzas sported a carefully planned assortment of lobster, pineapple, pepperoni and some sausage. Amy's were covered in non-descript veggie goo.

Ok, that's about it. Tomorrow we plan on moving over to town to ride out another forecast cold front and the west winds associated with it. More to follow, end of line ....

P.S. - Today's picture is of somebody's random beach grafitti. Given the lack of footprints, I'm betting it was aliens (like those crop circles).

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Infidel aliens! Allah be praised!

Hey Milo, wouldn't they be sand circles?

Hey Tom,  you spelled. Eczema wrong!


Of course if you had written it, it would have said ENEMA......


Maybe it was the long lost aliens from Mars

Dude, wanna here something f@$!ed up? I got busted last week on suspicion of mischief. What the fuck does that even mean? I gotta get high. Wanna get high? mondoBud

Mondo, that happened to Jay and SilentBob in NJ a few years back. For them, it meant that they were driving around with a deployed airbag. If you go to the big house, remember not to drop the soap and if someone mentions tossing the salad, run like hell. May the force be with you.


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