Crab Season

   About this time every year, the wet season returns and we begin to experience daily, 15 minute rain showers. With the return of the rain, the ultra scary, Bahamian land crab makes it’s return and enterprising locals harvest the demonic pests and sell them for $2.50 a piece in little road side shacks.

I’m not a big fan of the land crab, but hey, to each his own, right?

   Anyway, today we dinghied back in to town because word on the vhf was that the veggie freighter from America reached this morning. Amy was going through withdrawl due to lack of organic veggie matter, so apparently this meant we had to hit both veggie stands as well as both groceries to claim something like 5000 pound of random vegetables.

   I managed to score three Heineken beers for six bucks, so the trip in to town wasn’t a total waste.

   Back on the mothership, we finished last night’s homemade bread and then loaded up for Tuesday night poker. We had 23 players show up and neither Amy nor I finished anywhere near the money. It didn’t help that I had three players at my table who had never played before and so rather than playing the table, I herded donkeys all night instead. Yay!

   The only up side to the nights card playing was that it was over by 8:12, which is a new record for open St. Francis play. We hung out with George and Jillian until 10 pm and then returned home. Amy called it a night almost immediately and the weasels and I stayed up and watched Argo until almost midnight. It was pretty good, but Afflack still sucks and I think the movie would have been better if they had replaced Ben with the Aflac duck. Quack!!

   See you tomorrow, end of line …

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Do those guys taste like your blue crabs from Maryland? How do the Bahamians cook them?

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