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Knowing that we’re going to be house sitting this summer, we’ve begun a list of projects we want to tackle while we are off the boat. Some of them are important to the operational status of Dream Catcher, like servicing both main engines as well as the dinghy motors and the little Honda generator. Others are less mission critical, but more geared towards day to day enjoyment, like a new set of directors chairs to match Megabrella.

Also high on the list is to repair our freezer that succumbed to a stab wound last fall during an unfortunate de-icing incident. I’ve finally secured the parts and I am going to attempt repairs while we have the use of Bailey’s well stocked work shop.

I also need to re-stitch our now 7 year old bimini as two of the seams are starting to let go. While we’re at it, we will be adding drop down wind scoops to the bat wings that will slide down out of small pockets and attach to four of our forward facing hatches. The scoops will be made of rip stop nylon and the storage pockets will probably just be white Sunbrella so that they match the bat wings. The idea behind the scoops is to help increase air flow into the boat during the hot, summer season.

Another project we’re tossing around is some sort of boat based mount for Megabrella on the foredeck. We rarely go up onto the trampoline during the summer months because with the sun directly overhead and no shade over it, the trampoline is more like one of those convenience store, hot dog cookers than it is some place you’d want to hang out.

I’ve already drawn up plans for a hammock that we can use either on Dream Catcher or on the beach. It too, will be done in the Megabrella theme and initial drawings have it coming in at just over 9 feet in length, 5 feet in width and capable of holding two normal sized peoples. Of course, having said all that, I won’t personally be trying out the Megabrella hammock until it has been approved for flight by either our friend Jim Noe, or if he isn’t available, Jon from Freebird, as they are the only real test pilots I know.

Trust me, I’ve seen the way I build stuff. There is no way in hell I’m going to be the first one to get on this ride. More to follow, end of line ….

P.S. – Today’s picture is of one of the numerous “Infestation Creatures” that are over-running our beaches this year. In ten years down here, I’ve never seen so many of these little people. This one is name Eliah and she just learned to walk two days ago. I’m pretty sure we could get top dollar for her on E-Bay, but I don't think her mom will let me sell her.

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Dear Bozo,

   That is just plain mean! you cannot sell that little girl. She is too precious. you and Amy should get a few of your own. Love the updates, keep em coming.

My husband and I are planning to do the WWC  "working while cruising" thing.
I've sewn for decades and can handle the Sunbrella fabric.

Question is- can I expect to make any money doing canvas repairs and creations- or will that be more of a convenience for new found friends?

Our initial base is contemplated as being Dinner Key in Miami.

Let us know how drunk you have to get the test pilots before they will attempt to fly your hammock.  Smile

your sister-the old one 4/27/2013 9:44:12 AM

....Ofis.....MondoBud would probably do it for free...if Tom shipped him in.....

Yeah, but Mondo is always so "drunk" on dope that, even after spending time in jail for using the stuff, he still talks about getting stoned on the Internet because he has fried so many brain cells he still can't figure out that law officers also surf the Internet and can use what he says on the Internet in cases against him because this is legally a public forum.  My only question about Mondo is how many law agencies are using his comments on the Internet to track him for prosecution....again.

I was wondering how many real people (if cruisers are real people Smile) Tom has to get drunk to fly his hammock.  Smile

Besides, if Mondo is so stoned all of the time, wouldn't transporting him to another country fall under "transporting or smuggling illegal drugs across international boarders"?  They could probably get enough dope from a blood test to sell on the street.  Smile  That could get Tom in a world of hurts.

Here is an idea.  Tom could throw a hammock flying party, BOB (bring your own booze), "we provide the first aid".  Smile

I (John, S/V Free Bird) am standing by for the initial test flight of the prototype.  Skyjuice recommended as the fuel source.

your-sister-the-old-one 5/3/2013 11:47:46 AM

......... you sound very wise...are  you, perhaps, a carryover from my brother's employment days, or did you stumble upon him during his floating-boat-person-uncle-Tom-the-pirate-days?....Either way...the fact that you show concern for his potential Mondo Bud-law-problems and that you sound fairly optimistic in his first aid skills ...all lead me to believe you must be a good friend...
Thanks for that....everyone needs a good friend......


Sorry to disappoint you but I don't even know the bum, I just really like his blog.  He has one of the best (most informative, funny, and entertaining) blogs on the Internet.  Plus he seems to be a pretty good bum and is working hard and making sacrifices to live his dream and I love that in a person.  Also, he has a great wife who is doing the same to share the same dream.  What could be better?  I hope God blesses them so that they live long and prosper.

As far as Mondo Bud, that guy has fried so many brain cells he can't even see the obvious.  He just spent time in the pokie for using his dope and, after he gets out, he doesn't show one bit of having learned even one lesson from his jail time.  He gets right back on the Internet talking about using dope showing he just doesn't get it.  Anyone with any common sense knows that the law also surfs the net but dopers don't have common sense because they openly talk about their using dope on the Internet which is a public forum and everything they say can be used in a court of law.  We are talking well beyond clueless.

Tom and Mondo are two opposites.  Tom is very clued in to what is going on and Mondo is clueless.  Tom uses his knowledge and common sense to live his dream and Mondo uses his lack of common sense to spend time in jail.  Tom doesn't need a hint but I saw that Mondo needs more than one hint so I shared one of my hints with him.

Just having fun.  Smile  At 64, I have lived quite a bit and learned quite a bit from my living.  That is called wisdom.

your-sister-the-old-one 5/4/2013 12:56:33 PM

Well done Ofis....carry on......

I knew I could count on Freebird. He was Navy and therefore doesn't no any better about volunteering for anything.

Of course anybody who got flung off of aircraft carriers for a living probably isn't all together in the head anyway. Stay tuned, test flight picture coming shortly......


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