Refrigerator Meltdown

   Shitty death!!! Our built in, 12 volt, Nova Cool refrigerator bit the dust this morning. According to the manufacturer’s tag, our unit was built in 1993 and I know from our boat builder that it was installed in 1994. That means that we got 19 years of active service out of our unit, so I guess it doesn’t really owe us anything.

   I spent thirty minutes removing the old unit and all it’s associated wiring and copper conduit. I gave it a brief, but proper burial at sea and then had a warm beer to celebrate it's life and death and all the cool (pun intended) times we had together. Good-bye old friend...

I haven’t settled on a replacement unit yet, but I’ve been looking at the Engel refrigerator retro-fit unit pretty closely.

We’ve had good luck with the Engel freezers over the years, so I think their replacement unit might fit the bill for us.

   I really like the ultra efficient, low amperage aspect of their gear. Given what they say on their website, coupled with our first hand experience, I feel confident that we can reduce the amount of electricity the old refrigerator ate by about half.

Trust me, when you are making all of your own electricity, any reduction in total consumption is a good thing

   In other news, I’ve been out fishing twice in the last week with moderate success. The first trip out I snagged a pair of medium Hogfish on the reef outside right across from St. Francis. The second time it was too rough to go diving, so I used a friends fish trap and ended up with 12 pan size Mangrove snappers.

   Once they were gutted and scaled, I put 8 of them in the freezer for later and then proceeded to grill the remaining 4 of them, stuffed with random veggies, for dinner. They were good, but there were leftovers due to the shear number of fish present.

   It looks like we’ll be moving ashore for a month to house sit for our new friend Sally. Sally is heading back to the U.S. for eye surgery and she is leaving behind her Dalmatian Bella. Bella seems like a nice dog, but she is terrified of the weasels, so it remains to be seen how well that will work out.

   On the health front, my knee has gotten pretty good and while it’s not perfect, it’s pretty usable. I sort of played volleyball this morning. I say sort of, because we played three on three and I was the designated setter for my team, which means I didn’t have to leave the net and therefore rarely ended up in the sand. It wasn’t great, but at least it was something.

   My trip back the U.S. to help Adam bring a 47 foot cat back seems to be on schedule. I will be booking my ticket tomorrow and heading back on Friday. Hopefully all will go well and I’ll be back on island by the following Thursday.

Ok, that’s about it. More to follow, end of line …

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Hey Tom,

   I am constantly amazed at how well you deal with adversity. If my fridge died I'd be panicking, swearing, and on the phone to Sears for a replacement. I cant imagine what its like dealing with this on a boat in a third world country. Good for you guys.

   Stay safe and keep the updates coming. I love reading them to my husband Gary at dinner time.


Hey, I notice you have both a fridge and a freezer. Is the freezer a necessity or just nice to have? we are leaving next fall for the Bahamas and I was wondering whether or not I need to get a separate freezing unit or if i can get by with just the small evaporator freezer. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks

I have a bad knee also, and have been taking SUPARTZ  injections every
year in December, makes it bearable.  There is a similar product out
there named SYNCVISC that a couple friends use.  Both injectables have
the same ingredients, just the syncvisc is one injection and supartz is five.

Since you will be stateside for only a short time if interested go with the
syncvisc.  Been reading a lot about inst-flex, so may try some of that, let
you know if it helps.  I am bone-on - bone inside right knee and way too
fat for my health, so good luck with your knee.

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We arrived in Georgetown and I hoped to say hello to you and your wife! I have been following your blog and we have mutual friends--Sheryl and Doug
Mayle.  I read that you are on a delivery and hope everything goes well.

Phyllis Pardee
s/v Oh, My!
Cabo Rico 38 #111

I have been using a norcold unit for the past 10 years and it has been working fine for me, easy installation and low draw.

The Model I have is Norcold NOR-SCQT4407, but I think it has been replaced by the Norcold NOR-SCQT4408

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