The Dog Watcher

So about a month ago, Herman from White Wing approached me and Amy at a beach happy hour and asked us if we would be interested in house sitting for a pseudo-friend of his who needed to go stateside for a month to deal with some health issues.

We agreed to meet the woman and her dog and they both turned out to not be space aliens or otherwise non-normal. After a lot of back and forth, we decided to do the gig and so this morning I moved off of Dream Catcher and into the dog house with Bella the wonder mutt.

Bella is a high strung Dalmatian mutt female. She is quite pretty, but very skittish. Factor the three weasels into the equation and Bella is almost apoplectic. She is slowly coming around though and now she doesn’t cry and whine and cower when a weasel walks by. As an aside, it’s kind of funny to see a 50 pound dog shaking in fear of the 4 pound weasel.

Amy just returned from a quick trip back to the states where she had to care of some business. She also brought back a ton of stuff we  needed for the boat as well as ourselves. One of the things she brought back was a new Nexus 7 pad for herself, so this means I get her old one, which is a substantial upgrade from what I had before. She also worked out a deal with a friend of ours and she scored me a new smart phone for my birthday next week.

I am probably the last human on earth to embrace the smart phone technology. It’s not that I’m afraid or anything (I mean I did work with computers for a living), I just don’t like how entrenched smart phones have become in our day to day life. I hate texting. I hate everything it represents. I mean really, if you have a device that allows you to talk in real time to some remotely located (i.e. phone) why would you use that device to hunt and peck out a message to that same individual that takes ten times longer than the conversation would have?

Have we devolved that far as a society that we no longer can handle face to face, real-time communication? Ok, I’m done ranting.

In any case, the phone is a nice piece of kit, although it is a generation or two older than the current must have phones. The thing I really like about it is that it is water proof. Our friend Adam, on Rubicon, dropped his overboard a couple of weeks ago in the night and had to wait until first light to recover it. After more than 8 hours in 12 feet of salt water, the phone came through unscathed. That’s a quality product in my opinion and given our choice of lifestyles, it’s probably a good investment.

Anyhow, Amy returned to the island yesterday and Team Dream Catcher is all together again. We have our boat anchored right across the street from out house sitting gig and I’m sure we will continue to visit her daily. We’ve got several boat related projects going while we’re in the house for the next couple of weeks. I should have updates and progress reports shortly.

More to follow, end of line …

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Texting is so much more convenient and time-saving than calling someone for simple questions or non-time-sensitive conversations.

Of course, if your phone doesn't have a full keyboard it's a royal pain in the finger tips. The newer phones also have voice-to-text technology so you can just say it and send it.

I don't usually want to have a whole conversation with someone when all I need to ask is if their mast is 54' tall or 45'...

your-sister-the-old-one 5/16/2013 6:44:32 PM


.....I finally (was forced to get) got a smart phone from Santa this past's true...the flip phone has been retired!!!!!..The kids text EVERYTHING....and our service around here is crap....but it is a bit awkward to know that your phone is telling you that you've forgotten something or are late for an (yet another) appointment.  

Glad you and Amy are well...and on choice ...and not necessity.......tell her we say Hey and send us some new you guys.....

Don't text and ride brotha!

Tom, we're in the harbour. Where is DreamCatcher? Call me on 68 ok? Bye.

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