Heading South

Got up early because we knew it would be a boring motor down the ICW. Passed a couple of barges, but really nothing to report. Did one-hour shifts. Once we hit the Pungo River, we put up the genoa and picked up speed to 8+ knots.

The anchorage here is rolly and the NOAA bastards were wrong--the wind is NOT decreasing. But the boat rides well, so it is not too annoying.

In the early afternoon we went into town to find a drink, but were totally unsuccessful. Belhaven looks like it has seen better days. The Main Street is full of empty storefronts, and the places that are there keep strange hours. Even the drug store was not open on a Saturday afternoon. We ended up walking a mile or two down to a convenience store to buy beer and ice, because we had forgotten to make ice yesterday.

We are, however, having success on the crab front. 4 in the bucket at 4:30. Expecting to have them, steak, and veggies for dinner. I guess that counts for a seafood dinner?

Steve and Kathy from Puffin stopped in and brought some Pear Port. A good time was had by all.

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