Tuna Bites

[Editor's Note: Ok, ok, enough of the hate mail. Yes, I know I haven't updated the logs in two weeks. Do you know how I know this? Because I've seen myself not do it. The next several entries will catch you up to date]

This morning we upped anchor and headed out to do some fishing. We set the sails and once we were clear of the harbour, all 6 fish whackers were deployed. We fished all morning long, but we didn't get any action until we were trolling the deep waters off of Cape Santa Maria.

Our first strike resulted in landing a nice 25 pound yellow fin tuna after a brief but fierce ten minute struggle. Kick ass!!!

I was actually surprised as I didn't think this was the season for tuna due to the warm water temps, but I'm not going to complain. I set to cleaning our newest friend and then twenty minutes later, we hooked up and landed a small, 10 pound female mahi.

With two fish on board and no functioning freezer, we decided to head towards tonight's anchorage and call it a day.

As I was retrieving our whackers, we hooked up some leviathan of the deep. I tried and tried to slow the rate at which we were being spooled, but to no avail. Eventually I ran out line and then BOING !!!!! the line snapped. Thirty seconds later, a huge, ginormous bill fish from hell leapt into the air about three hundred meters behind us.

Of course, I say it was a bill fish, but it could have just as easily been a submarine fired, trident missile aimed at some middle eastern terrorist ass clown.

Honestly, it was absolutely huge, but I guess the lack of a smoke trail probably means it was just a big fish. In any case, I was secretly glad I didn't have to go hand to hand with him and risk bodily injury.

We had a nice and uneventful sail to Calabash Bay where we anchored in twelve feet of water all by ourselves. The wind built in out of the south east and then the east all afternoon and by sunset we had a solid 15 knots which helped keep things cool.

Dinner was fresh grilled tuna bites followed by mahi medallions wrapped in bacon and bbq sauce along with wild rice and homemade bread. Mmmmm, good.

See you tomorrow, end of line ....

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