Goodbye Terry

Today started bright and early for me as the weasels declared a jihad on me at 4:15. I was hit with an IWD (improvised weasel device) as I tried unsuccessfully to navigate the treacherous 12 feet from my bed to the head to take a leak.

SattvaWeasel was waiting at head height and she wasted no time jumping off my clothes dresser and clinging to my naked chest. MadibaWeasel was wearing one of those turban looking things and caught me full on with her teeth attaching to my belly. BodhiWeasel had a red dot on his forehead and just sort of laid there in the floor yelling "IEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIE".

I hate morning terrorists.

Once the insurrection had been put down, the day began. I poured myself a cup of tea and loaded our 4, 5 gallon collapsable water jugs into the dinghy and headed in to the dock for more water. I was pleasantly surprised to see no one else around.

Ten minutes later I was on my way home. Amy was awake by then (victim of collateral damage) and she helped me hoist each of the 40 pound water bags onto the fore deck.

After dropping the water, we upped anchor and motored back over to Hamburger Beach and our regular anchoring spot just off the beach under the monument. Once the hook was set, we tried to listen to the morning net, but the asshole quotient was too high and thus we turned it off after only 4 minutes.

I spent the morning sewing three gas can holders for a fellow cruiser named Rhett while Amy beat the vegetable units into some sort of edibility. At two we headed in to the beach to see what was going on. There wasn't much happening at Chat and Chill, so we headed up to St. Francis. George's new St. Francis 50 catamaran arrived in the night, direct from Cape Town and he needed help off loading the 22 foot by 8.5 foot wide run about that the crew brought over with them.

As it turns out, the new runabout weighed in at a svelte 2200 pounds and so we had employ a crane on the government pier to remove said vessel.

It took forty minutes of prep work and only 5 minutes of actually lifting, but in the end, it came off fine.

Greg, I and the delivery skipper took the new 50 home and once it was secure at dock, George took me and Amy on an in the harbour tour to test out the new "Fun Boat". I don't know that I want one, but it was certainly a hoot to run around in.

At 6pm, George drove me and Amy to town where we were picked up by the Palm Bay people and transported to the "Goodbye Terry" party. Terry's husband Howard (the vet) passed away over the summer and in the time since he left us, she has managed to sell the house and arrange to return to life back in America. We'll all be sad to see you go Terry.

Instead of crying and lamenting the coming changes, we opted to play poker instead. We had 2 tables and 14 players with a ten dollar buy in, but when the smoke cleared I stood alone on top, $90 duckets richer and some serious bragging rights to boot.

We adjourned to the bar at Palm Bay for a couple of post game drinks, but by 10 pm we were all tired and so we called it a night. Ron (Palm Bay) drove us back into town and Amy, myself and George rode his 18 foot work boat back St. Francis, where our dinghy awaited.

We said our goodbyes and headed home. The entire tribe was waiting for us when we reached and a late night running of the weasel ensued. By 11 pm Amy had fallen asleep as well as Bodhi and Madiba. Sattva and I sat up sharing a last whiskey before calling it a day at the ultra late hour of midnight.

More to follow, end of line ....

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silent monitor 2/11/2013 3:19:38 AM

just a hint, Tom, your gambling success qualifies you to file the 'Gambling Winnings'  form, a W-2G . you being a law-abiding, income-earning, tax-paying, US citizen, you'd be the first to ante up.

Dude, jihad on this mothef@$ker right here. I just got released from serving 20 out 30 on a  possesion with intent to get f@$king high. Now I gotta do 30 days sober before I am off the weekly supervised piss test. It sucks. I just wanna get high.


Well mondo, hopefully they didn't make you toss the salad. Welcome back to the land of the free.


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